3D Custom Experience



This process is only available for redesigning for different center stone size/shape or new complete custom designs. We will not do the 3D Custom Experience for a different stone color, ring size, or metal color. Thank you for understanding!

  1. Within approximately 1.5 weeks of your purchase/deposit (we need the project to be paid at least at 50% of total amount to launch project from start to finish), you will receive a 3D rendering of your designed piece of jewelry! We will wait for approval or the needed changes. If changes are needed, please allow 1-3 business days for the changes to be made. We will again email you the new CAD; you are allowed up to 5 sessions of changes. To be honest, we have never had to do more than 3 times because usually get it right 75% percent of the time on the first try, 20% on the second, and the remaining 5% is for the slight adjustments!
  2. Upon approval of the 3D CAD, we will shoot straight to finishing the ring which will take roughly 3 weeks for growing the wax, molding, casting, setting the stones, additional engravings, and quality control. IF you are adding milgrain detail to the ring, please allow an extra 1-3 business days on top of that.
  3. We will email you a photograph of the item when finished and wait for the approval prior to shipping out the item. When we receive the approval, we will ship out promptly if the item is paid in full. If the item has a remaining balance, we ask for the remaining balance to be paid in full prior to shipping out. Please note, once we decide on a design for the 3D experience we cannot make extreme changes in the design such as having a ring start as a simple solitaire and change it into a halo ring with accent flowers and pave diamonds; this is because it requires the 3D CAD to be completely redesigned. If the changes were adding to the height, bringing the split on the shank further down, or having the stones go further down the ring, etc… these changes are not a problem at all. You will be charged for new CAD fees if you change you mind on the overall design, shape of stone, size of the stone, or anything that requires complete rebuilding of the ring from ground up. For further information on the custom design process, please do not hesitate to contact us.